Origin of the company name

The company name “ReqMed” is derived from the first three letters each of the words “Required” and “Medicine”.
As the origin of the company name suggests, our No. 1 goal is to help people around the world to enjoy a healthy life. To achieve this goal, all of us at ReqMed work together to improve our knowledge of the latest biotechnology and make the most of our accumulated experience to solve problems.
Besides, we always aim for sincere corporate management and approach our work with a sense of values and ethics that enable us to coexist in harmony with society.

Our logo symbolizes our company’s mission, “ReqMed=Required Medicine for all who request it”. We wish to contribute to the field of medicine with the most advanced life science approach while always standing beside the patient just like blood supports our body. As the green earth in the background shows, this wish is for people all over the world.

The flow of blood is exactly like what we do, and the cross between R and m shows Rx, which stands for the Latin word recipe that means medical prescription.